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December 2010
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Skirril [userpic]
Back in sunny Britain

So here we are back, safe and well, in sunny Britain.
And yes, it is in fact sunny today :p

The move was pretty ok, if exhausting (many flights of stairs to old top floor flat ><, and 10 hr drive from there to here), the buns, though stressed, did fine and have settled in, even though they are only in a cage still :( We haven't managed to set up an enclosure for them as space is different here. It's a good sized cage though so it isn't too bad. Right now though there are still dozens of boxes all over the place >< Mostly Jens' books and cds >< And admittedly a few sacks of cuddly toys. I am going to get rid of some cuddly toys, there just isn't enough room for them all :/ So some which don't have good memories attached will go to charity shops. Luckily there is even an RSPCA shop just down the road ;)

It's sooo good having a nice variety of food available from shops again, and nice fresh veggies, in German shops they always seem to be larger and older :/

The garden is huuuge here (well for a rented house of this price), though it's a mess, bit of lawn, 2 scrubby bushes, some mud and some paving and bricks. Would be good for BBQs etc, but I can't see us ever doing that :s Oh well.

Hope everyone is doing ok, looking forward to seeing some people this year.


Congratulations, I'm glad it went well.

It would be nice to see your place, when you things are are more sorted out and you feel like entertaining...


typical, you come back and i'm away abroad ...

welcome back. hope settling in goes well. and hey, i think the BBQ is an excellent idea. a nice little bit of roast rabbit would go down a treat .... ;)

i am so happy for you sweets!