Friends only!

I guess I should post saying my journal is now almost all friends only, except for quizzes, news stories and similar.

I'll probably make some sort of banner for this post at some point.

PackRat for the Android (Google phone) made by Jens :D

Jens has been working on this a while to enter it in the competition that Google is holding for android,

His friend has made him the wonderful icon you see here (the same guy who made the cup a soup pics Jens shows), with PackRat you scan your cds, dvds, games and books etc (really any media) and then when you are out shopping and see something and you aren't sure whether you have it or not you can scan it to check if you do :D You can also search through what you have in various ways.

Back in sunny Britain

So here we are back, safe and well, in sunny Britain.
And yes, it is in fact sunny today :p

The move was pretty ok, if exhausting (many flights of stairs to old top floor flat ><, and 10 hr drive from there to here), the buns, though stressed, did fine and have settled in, even though they are only in a cage still :( We haven't managed to set up an enclosure for them as space is different here. It's a good sized cage though so it isn't too bad. Right now though there are still dozens of boxes all over the place >< Mostly Jens' books and cds >< And admittedly a few sacks of cuddly toys. I am going to get rid of some cuddly toys, there just isn't enough room for them all :/ So some which don't have good memories attached will go to charity shops. Luckily there is even an RSPCA shop just down the road ;)

It's sooo good having a nice variety of food available from shops again, and nice fresh veggies, in German shops they always seem to be larger and older :/

The garden is huuuge here (well for a rented house of this price), though it's a mess, bit of lawn, 2 scrubby bushes, some mud and some paving and bricks. Would be good for BBQs etc, but I can't see us ever doing that :s Oh well.

Hope everyone is doing ok, looking forward to seeing some people this year.

Best pressie evah!

Finally got the birthday pressie Shrimpy sent months ago which got sent back to her >< Silly mail men :/

And wewt! Best present evah! hoody with Plymouth on the front, Skirril on the arm and "someone in NH loves you" on the hood :D :D :D In a nice dark green...


And lots of little birthday sorts of things :D And a photo of Shrimpy + pony, but the hoody is <3

Aaaand we have a house to move into, rented, at least I hope we do there is paper work blah blah, but hopefully this time next month we will be in Britain :O

So stressed with moving related stuff ><


The rules are easy, just post 6 things that recently made you happy!
Then tag 6 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in awhile.

1. Pics of fuzzy creatures. cute overload, icanhascheezburger, and 2 lolrat sites (not though) make me warm and fuzzy inside.

2. Seeing my bunnies, snuggling my bunnies, watching them hop. Everything about them.

3. Jens. Always Jens.

4. Seeing my pumpkin and thinking of carving it, we will do it this weekend. I love pumpkins, just the look of them, not really sure why. Sadly this is somewhat tainted now, we will take pics of the bunnies with the pumpkin, but the plan was with Piggy too :( That was why we'd put it off a bit.

5. Thinking of moving back to Britain. I want to be back there so badly.

6. I can't think of another :/

No tagging do it if you'd like :)


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

There is a full one on Google video as well, but the links I have posted split it into 3 parts.

I would like to think that people can watch this and allow themselves to think. It is about human relationships with animals and the planet (though mostly animals). About how they are used and the ways they are treated.

It covers a lot, I suspect few people will want to see it, but I think it is well done, and worth seeing.

I stopped considering death a terrible thing years ago now, it isn't the death of animals for us which bothers me, it's their life. The time leading upto their death is obviously a part of that life, but I think it is not so bad if lives are short, if they were good lives. I know most people will probably disagree with me on this, I understand that it is not a nomal point of view, never the less I believe it. Of course if someone dies young that is terribly sad, of course if a pet dies young it is sad too. But if they had a good life it is sadness at my own loss and not really sadness for them. If they suffered greatly in their life, then the sadness is for them.

I know it is hard to look at some things, but surely it is better to see and know than to choose ignorance? Again here I think I don't share this point of view with many.