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Skirril [userpic]
Friends only!

I guess I should post saying my journal is now almost all friends only, except for quizzes, news stories and similar.

I'll probably make some sort of banner for this post at some point.


i feel so special since i am a friend!!! hehe

You are special :D

Whirledpeas here, from the *rateyourbun* community.

I wanted to send a message to you to let you know that your name came through TWICE in the poll regarding moderators, as suggestions for those others would like to see moderate.

Three other names that came up, Tamtar, Demonicbunni and Limona, I emailed the ones I could find email addresess for.

I'd like to see if you're interested in moderating the community - my thought is if we have a few moderators, not one single person has to carry the entire load.

We'll probably have one person in charge of weekly polls, one in charge of the "winning image" at the end of the poll, and two in charge of stamping the new buns and making the appropriate changes to the infopage.

Please let me know if you're interested! Thanks! - Peas

Like I said when I posted I don't have a huge amount of time as I have rateyourratty, piggy and hammy to do as well, but as a part of a team it would be possible. So it's really down to how many of the others want to do it, if you need another person I don't mind helping out, but if you have enough I would prefer to be left out.
I love the community and want to see it up and working, but the others take up a fair amount of my time.

So let me know either way :)


Am adding you because you are coolies <3333

I bring um.. bunnie noses?


Re: Nose!

SQUEE!!! And kisses for the bunny nose :D

I shouldn't really add anyone right now, I am being terrible at keeping up with the people already on my list, but I cannot resist the lure of a bunny nose :P
I might not be great at reading entries though, it really all depends on how well I am feeling :/

Re: Nose!

lol it's okay, I don't expect anything XD I have too many friends and communities on my list myself, so it's hard for me to read everything too >_>;

Hi! I submitted some pics to rateyourratty about a week ago and am waiting for a stamp...I just wanted to make sure it didn't get lost during the power outage thing. Thanks! :-)

Sorry, I have been really ill and haven't been online at all since Friday, I'll be stamping today :)
Count yourself as stamped for voting in the polls though, I'm really sorry about this.

Don't worry about it--I hope you're feeling better! :-)

Hi! I added you to my flist -- I'm sorry you've been feeling so terrible!! So anything I can do to help with the hammy community, I shall do! Stamping and memories section sounds just fine.

Question: I sumbitted my 5 lil ones for rating and have yet to be stamped in ratemypig. I really want to post some pics for the theme weeks soon- is it ok if I do?
Thanks so much :D

Hi, how are you? On Tuesday, I submitted my five guinea pigs for rating and I got about 12 ratings for each. I still haven't been stamped and it's been five days. Is there any way you can expedite this, please? Thank you very much.


I sent my hamster to be rated and stamped in your community, and it's been five days and still no word.
what's up? :)


Heya Mo

Pete Moor just spanked my inner muppet and told me who you were! Lurked here a few times but didnt make the connection that I actually new you.

Well sounds like you have been busy since the MK by night days.

Keep smiling


Hey ya.

You've not posted in a wee while. Everything ok?

Oh, and happy Christmas btw!

i have you as a friend but you don't have me as a friend. what happened?