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DaSkirril's life

Yes, the Skirril's alive...

6 September 1980
I am vegan. I do not believe this defines me. I do not wish to cause, nor support cruelty. I became vegetarian at the age of 12 and learnt that I was still paying into cruelty at the age of 23 at which point I made the decision to become vegan. I am well aware that I am not "the perfect vegan", I don't want to be, that isn't my motivation, I am well aware that there are animal products in everything, but I can avoid as many as possible.

I moved to Germany from Britain in May 2003 to live with Jens here, we got married on April 30th 2004, his lj is unwesen.

In 2004 had had surgery to remove two large liver tumours, one of which was squashing my stomach
The liver tumours were possibly due to 8 years on the pill, and were most certainly made worse by the pill.
I am still ill, Drs are no help. I suspect I have CFS/ME, though there are lots of things which match many of my symptoms

I have 3 pets which I love very much, 2 of these are really Jens', but we both think of them as ours. My rabbit is called Bunny, Jens' is called Kleid and Jens' guinea pig is called Piggeldy.
R.I.P Teq. 29th March 2004
R.I.P Grae 1st June 2003- 27th October 2004
R.I.P Brell 1st June 2003- 28th January 2005
R.I.P Lemmy 1st June 2003- 3rd May 2005
R.I.P Hoggerty
R.I.P Chewy
R.I.P Bakka 29th Sept 2007

I am the creator of rateyourpiggy, rateyourratty and rateyourhammy, rating communities for guinea pigs, rats and hamsters which have a weekly competition based around a certain theme, feel free to join! I now have no time fo rthese communities however.

You may add me as a friend, I have no problem with anyone doing so, my public entries are public because I don't mind anyone reading them.
If you want to add me you don't have to ask, but you can let me know if you want :)
There is a good chance I will add you back, but it depends on how much time I have to read entries (I always read my friend's entries), whether I think I would like to read your journal and whether our opinions clash too much and I think I would be upset by reading your journal (I am, after all, vegan, I don't really want to read about how someone supports hunting/fishing/slaughter/abuse).

My entries are now mostly friends only and tend to centre around my pets and their health, my own health, my husband, veganism and environmental issues and my everyday life...

If I add you and then you post something which upsets me a lot, or you never reply to my entries or never post in your own journal, I will probably remove you from my friends list, most likely without saying anything.
This isn't meant as a judgement, of course if someone is interested in fishing they're going to post about it, but I don't want to read it.